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Why Prime?

Now I can track everything!

This program is the most comprehensive health-related Web site that I've found where you can track EVERYTHING from what you eat to the exercises you perform, to how much you weigh and how much you've lost. I had been tracking all this information in various places and now, one click brings me to the site where everything is stored. I also found wellness providers in the area for all types of specialties, including alternative approaches.

You're in the Prime of your life

Healthy Living

Designed specifically with you in mind, Prime was created to improve your well-being and lifestyle while helping you look and feel great. Prime includes a free basic membership at any participating Prime fitness center and one free personal training session with a fitness professional. This program will inspire you to take charge of your own health and fitness by providing you the resources you need to stay motivated and active.

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Attention Highmark Prime members: Effective September 1st, 2015, your user name and password will be deactivated on this site. On or after September 1st you will need to re-enroll at the new site